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Our Mission

Posted by Fashion Junkee on 11/18/2015 to Charities
Our Mission

Fashionjunkee.com opened our doors 9 years ago. Our mission has always been to bring the latest trends straight to our customers' doorsteps, offer quality styles at affordoble prices, provide excellent customer service, and fast shipping. It has and always will be our priority to put our customers first.

Our customers will always be our focus. But now our purpose will also be to give back to those in need. Every year, we have always made a conscious decision to donate to charities in need. This year we want to make it more of a priority to help others.

We all have our own trials in life. But there is always someone else that is in need of help. It's what you do with your circumstances and what you do for others that matter most. We can be the change in some one else's lives. Let's support each other and raise each other up. It is in helping each other, that we learn what life is all about.

Together, we can make a difference. We can do something bigger. We can do something that matters.

"Small acts, when mulitplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

Please join us in our journey. Let us know what charities or causes you would like for us to support, why those causes are close to your heart, and any special stories you may have. You can email us at [email protected] or leave a comment here on our blog, facebook or instagram page.

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